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2020 - We're Half Way There

It goes without saying this has been a year none of us will ever forget, and it's only half way over. Like most businesses, the pandemic has caused us many challenges and we've been working hard as an organization to solve them.

When our players couldn't practice, we held Zoom calls featuring professional players and coaches to provide insight, tips and inspiration. We started in-person training as soon as possible, and we're always striving for safety while learning.

Our coaches have worked very hard to get our players on the fields as much as possible-- managing unusual logistics to get games and tournaments planned. And during a year where we thought we might not have any baseball, it's looking like each of our older teams will reach a target goal of 6+ tournaments.

The pandemic has stopped many things, but not the love we all have for baseball. It also isn't going to stop the Hounds from expanding. Tryouts for the 2021 season are coming up and we will soon be announcing a Hounds Softball organization and couldn't be more excited about it!

We've also stepped up our social media efforts so more people can regularly enjoy highlights from this season, and so our older players can get more visibility from college coaches and recruiters.

To all you parents reading this, THANK YOU for all you've done to support the Hounds, your player, their teammates and their baseball aspirations during this tough time. Sending you continued wishes of health and positivity.




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