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We know you're missing baseball as much as we are! Here are resources for your player

  1. Johansen Baseball is offering a free 3-week on-line course for players. It is a really good lineup of coaches/players, including the Hounds own - Ryan Fitzgerald. Ryan played for the Hounds and is now in the Red Sox organization. In fact, he was the Minor League Defensive Player of the Year for the entire Red Sox organization last year.

  2. Stick & Ball TV is offering a 3-month subscription for $10 (total, not per month). Stick & Ball TV is a group of highly respected high school, college, and professional coaches who have all come together to provide a great deal of content in all areas of the game. They have also created a "Train at Home" channel for easy-to-follow drill ideas.

  3. Coach Schallmoser has been breaking down some great podcasts he's been listening to lately, putting them into easy-to-follow slide shows that include links to drills you can do at home. 

    • Click here to access the first one  (specific to infield play)

    • A couple notes on this one:

      • When this slide show starts, you'll see this in the bottom left-hand corner

      • Hit the "PAUSE" button so you can go through the slide show at your own pace (otherwise, slides are going to advance every minute, whether you want them to or not)

      • You'll see a sound/microphone type icon in the top right corner - if you hover over it, you can control the audio - rewind and listen to something again, etc.

  4. STAY TUNED - We will continue to update this list!



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